Uses of Courier Flyers

Courier flyers are of great use for those people who struggle with online delivery. The bags they use might get torn. It is a real struggle if you’re dealing with it. Therefore courier flyers are of great help. 

Courier Flyer Uses

Grey Color

The grey colour of courier flyers is a very neutral colour for any brand. Grey goes with everything. Moreover, the grey colour consumes less heat, so it reduces the chance of damaging or melting your product. It doesn’t hurt the eyes and is excellent for all online retailers.

Strong Plastic

The plastic of courier flyers plastics is made from 120 microns. That is strong enough to hold a weight of 150 kg. It has double plastic so there is a very less chance that it might tear up.


All online sellers send a customer copy of the bill to the customers. Even if you’re using any other kind of bag, you have to place the address sheet on the top of the bag. Courier flyers have transparent pockets in which you can easily store the address sheet without wasting any tape.

Difficult To Reuse

The strong adhesive glue of these couriers is that if it is once sealed, you cannot open it without tearing it up. This protects your order. from getting stole and the delivery service won’t be able to take out anything!